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Welcome to the Straight Eights
The Straight Eights is the Baltimore-Washington, DC, chapter of America's largest organization for Gay and Lesbian car enthusiasts – Lambda Car Club International (LCCI). With more than 170 members and growing, the Straight Eights Region is one of LCCI's largest and most active chapters.
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We welcome car enthusiasts seeking to celebrate their common love for automobiles of all types, from vintage to contemporary, in an accepting atmosphere. Owning a car is not necessary to belong – just your passion for them! If cars are more than “just transportation” to you, here’s why you should join:

The Straight Eights is a chapter of Lambda Car Club International (LCCI), so membership entails joining both the Straight Eights (local) and LCCI (national) regions. You can do this simultaneously by filling out an online application form.
Please go to LCCI’s secure website where you can activate your membership instantly! If you are already a member, you can also use the above link to update your personal information, add new automotive acquisitions, or renew your membership.

On September 26, 1982, three guys discussed the idea of running an ad in the Washington Blade, looking for people interested in old cars. As the informal group looked toward becoming an organized club, the owner of a straight-eight-equipped car suggested the name “Straight Eights.” Originally a term describing the engines with the cylinders in a single row (especially in pre-1950s cars), its irony and double meaning appealed to the group. Soon afterward, eleven people attended the first formal meeting, and the Straight Eights became a reality.
One new member knew of a group in New Jersey/New England called G.O.C.O.S. (Gay Old Car Owners Society). He asked to be the liaison to this group. As more groups formed and showed interest in banding together, the name “Lambda Car Club” was chosen. Soon regions began appearing in the South and Midwest. Lambda Car Club International (LCCI) has grown to national status, with over twenty regions in the United States, Canada and Europe. 

Straight Eights Contacts:
President: Bill Teaney
Director of Membership: Mark Jordan


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