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April 18, 2015, Event: Car Show in Bowie with the Asphalt Angels


On a flawless 80 degree Saturday, the Straight Eights did something different this year and instead of our traditional Fluff-Up. We joined the Asphalt Angels for their spring car show in Bowie MD. There were approximately 160 entered vehicles, and the Straight Eights were well represented. It was refreshing to be at a show that featured many kinds of cars with a large number of muscle cars, trucks, modified and street rods in attendance, in addition to modern performance cars and classic cars of all kinds.

About 18 Straight Eights members enjoyed the show, and Paul Massaro won a trophy for his 1963 Mercury Comet S22. Congratulations, Paul! They go for modest, understated trophies, as you can see.


Other award winners included quite a number of Corvairs (amazingly) and Corvettes (typically), as well as awards for “Best Work in Progress,” and a number of other cars spanning all makes and models. They give out nearly 60 awards! We were hoping to get the award for best represented club, but just missed it. This is a very friendly group, and it was a fun and interesting show. A number of us wandered across the street for lunch and took a peek at the classic cars at the Shell station next door which had a ‘65 Impala SS convertible and a ‘59 Cadillac Sedan DeVille in the service bays and a couple more interesting vehicles in the back lot. Here are some more pictures from the day:


Peter Armstrong, Lou Vecchioni, Tom Trimmer, Tim Van Hoecke, John Canderan, and Paul Massaro are patiently waiting for a few more to gather to head to lunch.


Kevon McGarry and Dennis Cozzens brought out their beautiful 1960 T-Bird and 1954 Buick.


This 1956 Dodge Power Wagon was a popular award winner.


This Cale Yarborough edition Mercury Cyclone is one of only 44 known to have existed.


We admired the flawless paint on this 1961 Ford and then learned that the owner did it himself in his back yard. “I just wet down the gravel and then the paint just lay right on there.” If I did that, every fly, gnat and mosquito in the region would be embedded in the paint. LOL


2015 Mustang GT Anniversary Edition, owned by club members Jim Erickson-Nepomuceno and Gerry Nepomuceno.