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By Lou Vecchioni

This was a record year for the Rockville Antique and Classic Car Show, not only because of the number of registered show cars (I think it was 550+!), but also because the Straight Eights had record number of attendees, compared to the most recent past few years. By my count, there were 46 members in attendance at the show, and 42 of those participated in our club luncheon. At first, I was pleased that our little shindig attracted so many friends to the event. Then I realized: This year’s show theme was: Woodies! I suspect that some of our members might have misunderstood what was going to be on display …

There also seemed to be a lot more cars for sale in the corral than I recall from previous years. And some of them were NICE ($50,000 nice, according to the seller)!

While the weather was cooperative, it was not perfect. Overcast skies and chilly temperatures kept a lot of us guys wishing we had muffs! I witnessed quite a few taking advantage of a passive-solar respite inside a sedan here and there with the windows rolled up! And some with Fitbit activity trackers reported extra mileage from walking the grounds briskly to ogle the great array of cars and generate some extra body heat.

Whilst surfing the net, I found various photos albums that random citizens have posted, and some feature our members’ cars!

Check out the photos at the web sites below. (I think this guy took a photo of EVERY CAR)











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