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By Milton Stern

Two members of the Straight Eights and four members of Tri-Valley, including one member of Tidewater Taillights, attended their annual invitational weekend, “50 Shades of Gay!” in Williamsburg, Virginia. Before you do the math, one of those who attended belongs to three chapters, another belongs to two, and two belong to one – equaling four people. There were around twenty-five in attendance for this informal style weekend, October 16-18, 2015.


On Friday, most checked in at the Rodeway Inn Motel in Williamsburg. This Motor Hotel, built in 1931, was the perfect setting for a car-club event. The Tidewater chapter reserved one room as the hospitality suite, where we could gather for refreshments and welcoming.


Dinner Friday night was on our own, but everyone ended up at Second Street Café for a lovely meal.

Saturday morning, several had breakfast at the Colonial Pancake House or the Capital Pancake House, while others took advantage of the Continental breakfast at the hotel.


Saturday morning around 11:00 am, cars were lined up with drivers and navigators for a road rally through the William & Mary College campus (it was also Homecoming Weekend). During the rally, participants filled out a three-page questionnaire about the town from clues throughout the journey. Though the weather was brisk, there was one hunky shirtless jogger who kept appearing at different parts of the route. I wonder if that was planned.


In the afternoon a car show was set up in the Rodeway Inn parking lot. Some locals including one of my friends whom I’ve known since he transferred to our school in fifth grade came by to look at the cars.


There was no formal voting, but a people’s choice award, voted on by attendees and spectators, was awarded to new LCCI member, Sherman Gifford and his beautiful 1955 Buick Roadmaster – a car that has been in his family since new.


Fred Flowers driving his 1963 Ford Anglica with Norman Warren as navigator won the Road Rally by answering all the questions correctly.


After the show, one young member wanted to drive every car, and before you knew it, many were test driving everyone else’s cars. I had the pleasure of driving a 1959 Edsel Ranger with a six-cylinder and three-on-the-tree and a 1951 Chrysler Windsor with Fluid Drive as well as a 1984 Chrysler LeBaron convertible.


Dinner was on our own, and after dinner, they held a Taillight Afterglow.

This was an enjoyable, relaxing and fun event. There was no pressure to be here or there. Even the road rally was low-key and fun. How stressful can it be when the speed limit maxes at 30 mph through Colonial Williamsburg?


Thank you, Tidewater Taillights for hosting such a fun event. The weather was perfect, too!

A final note. There are several such fun events in our region and not too far from us that more Straight Eights members should consider attending such as the Orphan Car Tour in May. Don’t just park your cars and look at them. Drive them somewhere!













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