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Wear your best tank top and Daisy Dukes because lunch is on the club – possum or squirrel, depending on what’s in season, but you have to bring your own Pabst Blue Ribbon or Schlitz. If you want to contribute a dessert (shoo-fly pie?), please feel free to do so.

Join us, Saturday, July 14, 11:00 am, 8366 Gatewood Drive, Jessup, Maryland 20794, for a Trailer Park Picnic at the home of Straight Eights President, Milton Stern. There’s plenty of parking, and it should be no surprise that a number of his neighbors are former AMC and Ford mechanics. His next-door neighbor used to restore Mustangs for a living. You may even spot a tattooed escaped convict – if you’re into that.

Please RSVP to by Wednesday, July 11, so we will know how much road kill to get. It takes talent to aim an AMC Eagle at a moving furry target.