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Coming up on Saturday, June 14. Vintage boats and vintage cars make for a great combination as long as the cars stay on land and the boats stay in the water! The Straight Eights are planning to participate in the 27th annual Antique & Classic Boat Festival in St. Michaels, MD. Hosted by the Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society (ACBS), this Father's Day weekend event brings an era of by-gone days to the Miles River and the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum's (CBMM) waterfront campus at 213 N. Talbot St., St. Michaels, MD 21663. Our vintage cars will be parked among the trailered vintage boats on the site of the show, completing the period look. More details will be coming soon, as well as a survey of interest. The organizers would like a handle on the approximate number of cars expected so they can begin planning where to place them. St. Michaels is a lovely town with plenty of shops, antiques, and restaurants to help make your time there as enjoyable as possible. Here is a link for more information, which includes links to pictures from prior year's events: