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Beach Ball 2014


Beach Ball continues to come along nicely. All but a couple of things are totally set, and with just 14 more registrations by September 1, we should be able to do Beach Ball pretty much within budget. Last year we simply did not get the number of registrants we thought we would have after hosting the Grand in 2012, so we went over budget. This year, things are tightened up quite a bit, and our treasurer has been a brutal task master at keeping things within budget as much as possible.

Here is a list that I published last month of activities you can expect, with a couple of updates:


This year, we are changing the award categories. Some old ones remain, some categories have been retired, and some new ones are being added. Most noteworthy is the addition of a People’s Choice category, to be decided by anyone attending the car show. We will have board members with special ballots for show guests to choose the car that appeals the most to them. Also, with the exception of Best in Show, the board felt that all our cars are the best that they can be, so we are changing the title of most awards to say “Favorite” rather than “Best”. This year we will have the following categories (and yes, definitions will be provided):

It should be a bit easier than when faced with all those year categories, especially when you end up with only one or two vehicles in a category, and there really is no real choice. If these categories don’t appeal, then next year when you have joined the board, you get to change them!

We think you will enjoy the show and the whole weekend. The board has worked hard to plan a fun invitational and to hold the costs down. We look forward to seeing all of you at Beach Ball.