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Read this entire article, for RSVP information is important!

Please join the LCCI Straight Eights Region, Tri-Valley Region, Delaware Valley Region, and a gaggle of guys from the Yankee and former Central PA Regions on Sunday, March 15, 2015, for a fun day of food, fine cars, and midcentury modern antiquing.

FIRST: We will be having lunch/brunch at Rock Bass Grill, 461 S. Front St., Wormleysburg (ok, “Lemoyne”), PA 17043, 11:00 am (each club is eating at a different restaurant).

NEXT: We will be visiting The AACA Museum, 161 Museum Drive, Hershey, PA, 12:30 pm, which displays original and restored cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and memorabilia in themed settings on three levels. If more than 20 people attend, we will be eligible for a discounted admission of $9.50 per person. Remember, AACA members get in FREE, so bring your membership card. Along with the museum’s regular displays, the following will also be available to our group:

THEN: We have been invited to tour a member’s fabulous car collection housed in a nearby vintage (circa 1920s–1930s) car dealership (location TBD).

LAST:  Time permitting, on the way home, we will make a side trip to the vast Atomic Warehouse at 1021 Market St. Harrisburg, PA 17101.

For those of you wishing to caravan with us, we will be meeting at 9:15 am at the Interstate 270 scenic overlook of the Battlefield of Monocacy, on the northbound – (technically “Westbound”) side of I-270, which is 2.5 miles PAST the RT 80/Urbana exit, and we will promptly leave for Hershey.

For those of you preferring to meet the group at the lunch stop, we have an 11:00 am reservation at Rock Bass Grill, 461 S. Front St., Wormleysburg (ok, “Lemoyne”), PA 17043, which is about 1 mile off I-83 exit 42. The reservation is in the name of Lou Vecchioni.

For those of you preferring to meet at the Museum, we are shooting for 12:30 pm at 161 Museum Drive, Hershey, PA (fingers crossed that food service is prompt).

Because of the massive coordination required, we need your RSVP 7 days in advance: Please RSVP by Sunday, March 8, 7:00 pm to and indicate which events you plan to attend and whether or not you will be caravanning with us. We need head counts for lunch and the private collection tour, and we’ll need to know when everyone is present at the overlook. If you RSVP with one of the other regions, do not RSVP with the Straight Eights, as each club is taking a different route and eating at a different restaurant.










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