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Beach Ball 2017


NOTE: Regular Registration is now in process!

Regular Registration

Price June 1-Sept. 1, 2017: $155 per person

To Reserve Your Room:

Atlantic Sands Hotel
101 North Boardwalk,
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 

1-800- 422-0600

Mention Booking ID #8235 

Our Discounted Hotel Rate is in effect for Thurs. night Sept. 21 through Sat. night Sept 23.


Option ONE - Register and Pay using Snail Mail

1. Download the registration form ( a pdf file)
2. Print out the registration form.
3. Complete the registration form with a pen.
4. Mail the completed registration form along with your payment
      to Paul Lindsey.  
 (please use the address on the registration form)


Option TWO - ONLINE registration and payment (paypal or credit card)

1. Use the drop-down arrow below to choose an option.
2. Click on the "Buy Now" button below to proceed with your payment.

Choose # of Persons

3. Your name, address and email are captured when you pay online. Once your payment is received, the Straight Eights Treasurer will confirm your registration via email and request any additional information, including your car information.









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