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Straight Eights August Event: Cars, Cockpits, and Coconuts!


We have a special treat for you onthe afternoon of Saturday, August 18 (rain date Sunday, August 19) at 3:00PM.

Members Andrew Dan and Rob Neighbour are hosting a Tiki spectacular at Andrew's home in Silver Spring, MD. For this event, the Straight Eights are partnering with the Washington, DC chapter of the National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) – Rob's OTHER club. Someof the aviators will be bringingtheir own special interest or collector cars as well.

This is a retro Luau-themed "car hop" and barbeque, and we encourage you to dress and accessorize appropriately. There will be great food, tunes, socializing, and our cars will be mingling with us in the large shaded back yard! We've opted to make this an afternoon event and we can carry on into the early evening as desired. There will be snacks and beverages as we get started, and the barbeque will be fired up around 5 PM (unless there is a great clamoring for hot food sooner!)

Rob and Andrew have gone to great lengths to secure equipment and supplies to make this a comfortable and enjoyable event (I mean, who buys a SECOND grill?). We think this is going to be a blast!We’ll be cranking the grills up at 4:30.

Our Luau Location is the home where Andrew grew up. It is a large '50s brick and stone Cape Cod situated on almost 4 acres, just off New Hampshire Ave about three miles outside of the DC beltway in the Springbrook community.

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The home and grounds are very picturesque, and Andrew has recently completed renovations of the main level. Rumor has it that he will even offer us tours for those interested.

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Oh, and by the way, there is a fabulous swimming pool as well for those who want to bring their swimwear/towel and take a dip.

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As long as the ground is dry, and…um…hard, we will be parking in the back yard near the picnic and pool area, where we can place our lawn chairs under thetrees and take in the chrome and sheet metal while enjoying tropical music, beverages, and a meal.

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What to bring/wear:

Location and directions:

601 Warrenton DR, Silver Spring, MD 20904

From the Washington, DC metro area:

From points north:

IF THE GROUND IS DRY: You will enter the driveway and follow our signs into the parking area in the yard.

IF THE GROUND IS WET/SOFT: You will be directed to park either in the driveway, or in the street.