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Rockville Antique & Classic Car Show

On Saturday, October 20, the Straight Eights will once again attend the Rockville Antique and Classic Car Show.

Boxed lunches will be obtained by the club for our members and their guests, and served at the top of Mopar Hill around noon, as is our tradition.  Board members will be on hand to answer questions about the club, discuss upcoming events, and accept nominations for the 2019 Board of Directors.

Lunch is $10 for both members and guests. 

Please RSVP by Wednesday, October 17, to Lou Vecchioni at  with the NAMES of people attending, so that we know how much food to buy!

If you didn't complete early registration on the Rockville web site, you can register at the gate for $20.

Click here to see the details on the City of Rockville's web site.