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November 2018 Event

Our November event will be a visit to the National Museum of the Marine Corps.
Since the museum's caterer required a head count before this article was published, we can no longer accept RSVPs for lunch (And the establishment does not allow outside food to be brought in), however, if you did not RSVP and you still want to attend , you can send an email to to let us know.  You may be able to purchase your own lunch at the Devil Dog Diner (onsite cafeteria).


This museum, under the command of Marine Corps University, preserves and exhibits the material history of the U.S. Marine Corps; honors the commitment, accomplishments, and sacrifices of Marines; supports recruitment, training, education, and retention of Marines; and providesthe public with a readily accessible platform for the exploration of Marine Corps history.

The museum exhibits are arranged chronologically, and it receives rave reviews for the way in which historical information is presented and keeps one's attention, and how it does not attempt to glorify conflict and war the way some other institutions do. Many have stated that you cannot cover the whole thing in just one or two visits, and that even people who are not military/history aficionados eagerly return to pick up where they left off.

Our visit:

A section of the parking lot will be reserved for our cars, which are sure to draw attention of the other visitors. Museum staff will greet us upon our arrival, and provide us with a quick overview of the impressive facility, after which we will be on our own to tour.  At noon, we will reconvene for lunch, after which you can continue to tour the museum.

Admission and onsite boxed lunch is free.  If it is a nice day, we'll be able to enjoy eating outdoors.

Location and directions:

The Museum is located at Historic U.S. Route 1 and Joplin Road in Triangle, VA.  Quantico Marine Base is on the east side of route 1.

While we initially considered a formal caravan, the consensus was that we should provide some suggested routes and allow members to choose their own path, since people are coming from several directions. 

In addition to the conventional main route (I-95 south), we have three suggested optional routes (with points of interest along the way) for those who would rather take a more relaxed, scenic drive. Some of you may decide to form your own caravan; you can notify us with your RSVP if you wish to do so (and your route of choice), and we can connect you with others who may be interested.

Most likely, early morning should not pose a problem on I-95 southbound, and certainly northbound after our event should not be an issue.  However, for a change of pace, check out these three routes, and the included points of interest.  Stop and enjoy either on the way to or the way back from our event.

Conventional Route - I-95 South:

From I-95 heading south, take Exit 150A to Route 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway); turn right (south) onto Route 1; travel approximately ¼ mile; the Museum's entrance is on the right.


Option 1 - Via the Riparian Route; George Washington National Parkway, to Historic U.S. Route 1 (map and directions from Old Town Alexandria, VA):

Travel south on The George Washington National Parkway toward Mount Vernon.  Toward Mount Vernon, be sure to be in the left lane, as that is the through lane near the circle.  Proceed forward after stopping and follow the signs for VA route 235 out to route 1. Make a left on route 1 and follow it south.   At the I-95/Route 1 split, stay in the right lane and follow route 1 south and across the Occoquan to the museum.  

Points of Interest:

  route 1

Option 2 - Via 123 and Historic U.S. Route 1 From Fairfax(map and directions from Old Town Fairfax, VA and alternatively, I-66 West to VA 123 South):

Travel south on VA Route 123, across the Occoquan to Historic U.S. Route 1, then south on route 1 to the museum.  **Beware the posted speed limit is 40MPH approaching the Occoquan on 123.  Tickets given there are moneymakers.

Points of interest:

route 2

Option 3 - Via VA route 234/Independent Hill Road/Joplin Road(map and directions from Old Town Manassas, VA - alternatively, I-66 West to VA 234 South):

From VA Route 28, follow Business 234 south to VA Route 234 south.  From here, you can follow 234 all the way to route 1, then take route 1 south for 2.3 miles to the museum.  Or, you may divert off 234 at Independent Hill Road (to the right), cross Bristow Road, which will change to Joplin Road (VA Route 619).  Follow this windy, hilly road to route 1, make a right and the entrance is just on the right.

Points of Interest:

route 3