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May Event – Fluff-Up at the Grove

Some of you may relive some fond memories during our upcoming Spring Fluff-Up event.  And likely, those are memories you have never shared with others (nor are you likely to). Have we piqued your interest?  Read on!

This year, we set a few requirements for a Fluff-up location:  Some place we have not been to before, in or nearer DC rather than deeper into MD or VA, with availability of refreshments on site, shady, lots of parking, and with some sort of scenic or other attraction or lore. There were a number of candidates; alas, several were unavailable or disqualified because of the lack of some amenity.

We selected a location that should prove to be at least mildly entertaining to some of you. It is a place where historic, but brief and provocative events took place almost nightly, and where some of our very own members have partook (whether they will admit it or not) in some of those infamous events. We are speaking of course, about Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove, aka: "el BJ Grove!" For those of you unfamiliar with what we are alluding to, perhaps you will be regaled with tales of the activités de loisirs that have occurred in this otherwise benign, wholesome and scenic park.



Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove on the Potomac is located on Columbia Island (renamed Lady Bird Johnson Park in 1968), in Washington, D.C. just across the lagoon from the Pentagon. 

The memorial honors the 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson.The grove consists of two parts. The first area, commemorative in nature, is a Texas granite monolith surrounded by a serpentine pattern of walks and trails. The second area is a grass meadow and provides a tranquil refuge for reflection and rejuvenation of the spirit. The trails are shaded by a grove of hundreds of white pine and dogwood trees, and framed by azaleas and rhododendron. The memorial overlooks the Potomac River with a vista of the city of Washington.


Also on this site is the Columbia Island Marina and Island time Bar and Grill.  Instead of the board of directors buying pre-made sandwiches and sides and schlepping them to Fluff-Up, we decided to select a location where you could simply order off the menu when you arrive.  Click here to view the menu.  However, given the diverse selection of food and drink, we can't predict the costs and set a budget, so all costs will be on your own this year (we'll make it up to you at a future event!)

You may also consider bringing your own picnic lunch instead of buying a meal at the restaurant.



Along with outdoor seating under a pergola, Island Time also has indoor seating, and there are picnic tables scattered nearby.  This allows us to hold the event RAIN OR SHINE.  Naturally, stay tuned for alerts, as the event COULD POTENTIALLY be canceled if the weather forecast calls for something particularly nasty.



WHEN: Saturday, May 11 10:30AM until~2:30PM

WHERE: Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Park (see below for location and directions)

RSVP: Only if attending, by NOON Monday, May 6, in order for us to give a head count to the restaurant so they can plan their inventory. Please email with the full names of the attendees and whether or not you plan to order a meal from the restaurant (as opposed to bringing your own picnic lunch).

Location and directions

Note that it’s a little tricky to get to this park. The entrance to the park can only be reached from the southbound lanes of the George Washington Memorial Parkway. So, be sure to do your homework before you embark: Read the directions below carefully.  Look at a map, etc.

There is no street address. The following GPS Coordinates (given in decimal degrees from WGS84 datum) can be used to navigate to the park:

George Washington Memorial Parkway Entrance
38.877931, -77.050816

Once you enter the parking area, go RIGHT; we plan to be at the far right end of the parking lot.

From South of DC
1.     Take I-395 towards Washington DC.
2.     Take Exit 8B onto VA Route 27, Washington Boulevard towards the Pentagon and Arlington Cemetery
3.     Stay in the right lane as you pass the Pentagon and the exit for Route 110.
4.     Take the right lane as it exits towards I-395/Reagan National Airport. It’s before the merge for Memorial Bridge; you’ll see the Potomac on your left
5.     Merge onto the southbound GW Parkway at the Yield sign; get in the right lane
6.     In less than half a mile, turn right into Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove and look for club members—parking is first come, first served

From Northwest and West of DC
1.     Take the DC Beltway towards Great Falls, Virginia
2.     Take the exit for the George Washington Memorial Parkway south towards Washington DC.
3.     In the next 10-11 miles, you will pass the exits for Chain Bridge, Key Bridge and Memorial Bridge. Stay on the Parkway towards Reagan National Airport. You’ll see the Potomac on your left; get in the right lane
4.     Turn right into Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove and look for club members—parking is first come, first served.

From Northeast Maryland and DC
1.     If you’re coming from Maryland, take the B-W Parkway or Route 50 to 295 south. NOTE: There is construction at Pennsylvania Avenue, SW so check traffic or use your smartphone to minimize delays.
2.     Merge onto I-695 towards DC, continue onto I-395 south towards Virginia.
3.     Take the exit for the George Washington Memorial Parkway south towards Washington DC.
4.     Take Exit 10A onto Boundary Channel Drive towards Pentagon North Parking.
5.     Keep right on Boundary Channel Drive until you can exit onto Virginia 27-N
6.     Stay in the right line for the exit to I-395 / Reagan National Airport. 
7.     Merge onto the GW Parkway; you’ll see the Potomac on your left.
8.     Get in the right lane and turn right into Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove and look for club members—parking is first come, first served.