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The 3rd annual Car Club Picnic
(modified for 2020)

The Board has already hosted two successful socially distant and very safe events for June & July.

And now, Andrew Dan and Rob Neighbour are graciously hosting (outside) again at Andrew's home situated on 5 sprawling private acres in which to spread out and TRULY be socially distant.

There will be music, stylish cars, and individually packaged hearty boxed (hot) meals provided by a professional caterer, along with ample outdoor space for safe social dining. There is also an abundance of trees for shade to escape the Sun.

Note: Due to pandemic safety guidelines, there will no grilling, no buffet, and no group tables permitted this year. Only pre-arranged chairs, and lap-trays provided for you to dine on with ease. Hand Sanitizing and other products will be on hand for all.

11:30 AM - Assorted ice-cold bottled drinks, frozen beverages and Individually packaged nibbles will be available as we safely mingle, catch up with old friends, and car gaze. Then, the main meal will be brought out around 1:00 PM.

Optional Swimming: Safety guidelines permit a maximum capacity of 10 people at a time in the pool. Bring a swimsuit, a towel, a hat and sunscreen.

This will allow you to get out of the house, or off the couch,
and most of all,,,,GET OUT AND DRIVE!!.



Park on the rear lawn, follow signs when entering Driveway.

By Wednesday, August 05.
The caterer requires a final guest count by this date.

Individual Boxed Meals:
Pick one:

#1. Grilled Atlantic Salmon
Wild Rice Pilaf
Assorted Grilled Vegetables

#2. Southern Fried Chicken
Five Cheese Macaroni and Cheese
Cornbread with Butter

#3. Slow Smoked Pulled Pork BBQ
Western Style Baked Beans
Home Style potato Salad
Fresh Baked Kaiser Roll

#4. VEGAN Black Bean Burger
Vegan Wild Rice Pilaf
Vegan Assorted Grilled Vegetables
Vegan Dessert

All come with Individually Wrapped Fork, Knife, Napkin Combo, Salt & Pepper. Unlimited cold drinks included.

$10.00 per person fee
The food & beverage value of this event is in the $20.00+ range. The Straight Eights Board is subsidizing the difference for you, our valued members and dear friends.

To RSVP and Pay Please Click Here.

Pandemic safety guidelines:
Respect others when outside of your vehicle.

Follow these guidelines and we'll all be fine, and have a wonderful safe day!

Bill Teaney
Straight Eights Car Club
Baltimore-Washington DC Chapter, LCCI